5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Oklahoma Outdoor Ceremony

The Weather – It goes without saying, any time you plan an outdoor event in Oklahoma there’s always a chance the forecast won’t cooperate! Make sure you have a backup plan in place, whether it’s stocking up on umbrellas, finding a temporary refuge from a rain cloud or moving the entire event indoors. 

But don’t let fear deter you from your dream outdoor wedding! An outdoor winter ceremony, for example, is entirely possible if you keep your ceremony short and provide a means for guests to keep warm before and after. For summer weddings, keep your guests hydrated and make sure they have access to shade. 

All that said, a little perspective: weddings generally don’t last all day and there is no such thing as “perfect” weather. One man’s paradise is another man’s inferno. So don’t let your efforts to accommodate your guests take away from your dream wedding. A sprinkle in the morning won’t ruin your sunset vows. Your guests can most likely tolerate the temperature. And with most ceremonies lasting little more than thirty minutes, don’t let anxiety over your guests’ temporary comfort derail your plans for your ideal ceremony backdrop. 

Your Hairstyle – Oklahoma is notoriously windy! Plan ahead If you don’t want to wind up with an album full of snaps of your face covered in hair. Double up on hair spray or add some extra pins into your wedding do. 

Your Sound– Do you dream of walking down the aisle to a particular tune? Then you’ll want to check if your venue is equipped with an outdoor sound system or you need to secure the equipment yourself. Also keep in mind that you’ll want your guests to hear your officiant throughout the ceremony. Depending on the space and number of guests, you may want to make sure it’s possible to use a microphone.

Your Seating – Does your venue offer enough seating for your expected number of guests or do you need to rent? What aesthetic are you going for? Think bales of hay vs benches vs chiavari chairs. If your venue does provide the seating, do they have enough for the reception so that you don’t have to rearrange the chairs after the ceremony?

Accessibility – Unless you are planning a super intimate wedding, consider what type of access your guests have to your venue. Is there plenty of parking, a public road? Also consider the distance between parking and your ceremony spot for guests with disabilities. If the local is more remote, can you rent a golf cart to help transport these guests?

There are few that would argue the unrivaled beauty of God-given nature. If you have your sights set on an indoor/outdoor or exclusively outdoor wedding, don’t let naysayers or weather anxiety ruin your plans! By asking the right questions and making the necessary preparations, you too can have your dream outdoor Oklahoma wedding. 

Happy wedding planning!

Bluebird Crossings is an Oklahoma wedding venue located in Guthrie, OK specializing in intimate and DIY weddings. We serve couples all across the greater Oklahoma City area including Stillwater and Edmond. Bluebird Crossings is a member of the Oklahoma Rainbow Collective and a LGBTQ+ friendly wedding vendor. 

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